Taking a Stand to Tackle Climate Misinformation

Taking a Stand to Tackle Climate Misinformation

Best ESG Campaign at the 2023 PRovoke North America SABRE Awards

Challenge: Social media companies are known for their lack of transparency around misinformation on their platforms. Pinterest started to disrupt this norm with their ban on weight loss content last year and wanted to continue their efforts to limit misinformation for another cause close to them – climate change and sustainability.


  • Proposed new community guidelines to ban climate misinformation on the platform, a first for any digital platform
  • Strategized the global comms rollout, supporting a draft of the newsroom, social channel language, and executive talking points
  • Executed a robust media relations and social editorial campaign to drive ownable headlines across B2B, B2C and trade publications
  • Partnered with environmental activists and influencers on the platform to tell their stories across our channels, their channels and with media


  • Secured 100+ media hits in the US alone with top headlines in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Quartz, The Washington Post, AdWeek and more within two-days 
  • Leveraged new media formats including social editorial, video, podcasts and newsletters featured in 70+ social platforms
  • Earned placement in Obama’s Disinformation and Democracy reading list 
  • Received recognition from climate groups for their efforts